We love our location!


Hatton Garden is a hidden gem in amongst London's already glittering attractions. It's a very historic area, rich in traditions which have evolved into it becoming the Diamond Capital of the United Kingdom.


Hatton Garden is named after Sir Christopher Hatton. He was a court favourite of Elizabeth I and was gifted the area in 1581; it previously belonged to the Bishop of Ely.  Much of the Elizabethan architecture remains in Hatton Garden to this day and Elizabeth I is said to have danced around the Cherry Tree at Ye Old Mitre, one of London's oldest pubs, situated in Ely Place, just off of Hatton Garden.

Hatton Garden is most famous now for being the centre of the UK Diamond Trade. It represents the largest cluster of independent fine jewellery stores in the country. Hatton Garden is known for representing both quality and value, offering a far better option for customers than the average high street.


Our store resides on the corner of Hatton Garden and St. Cross Street; which is fast becoming identified as #StarCorner. We are in the perfect position and enjoy one of the largest window frontages in the street. Vistors can peruse a wide and varied selection of Diamond Jewellery and Wedding Bands.