Father's day is coming. Are you ready?

It’s that tricky time of year already, folks. If your Dad is anything like mine and is tough to shop for, it’s a complicated couple of weeks ahead. If you’re a son who’s anything like me, it’s a horrible and pressure filled couple of days. As once again, I’ve decided to leave the gift buying as last minute as possible! Dad, if you’re reading this, it’s nothing personal. I do this with everyone.

So what’s the money shot? The buzzer beater? The hole in one? The 30 yard free kick? Well, unfortunately rocket scientists are still working out which gift pleases the majority of Dad’s out there. However, we’ve got an idea. Try vintage. More specifically, try vintage Watches.

Sported by many of the worlds most famous Athletes of different era’s gone by, sometimes during game winning putts or final stretches on race tracks worldwide, the nostalgia filled time-pieces are sure to bring a smile to anyones face! Most importantly, your fathers face!

There’s a variety of objects, clothing and imagery that can send someone back in time or even just to a happy place. Vintage gets the heart pumping, even if you’re not from that era. Watch models become synonymous with moments in time. They become ingrained in famous motor-sporting periods, music, films, golf, football, politics and more.

jack nicklaus

Pictured above is Jack Nicklaus celebrating another championship, whilst proudly sporting his Rolex Day-Date which was gifted to him in 1967. Can you believe it was present on his wrist for a whopping 12 of his 18 championship wins. After the same model? Click here! It’s not the cheapest of Father’s day gifts, but it’ll be sure to bring some tears of joy. If you would like your money to go to charity, the Rolex Day-Date that Jack Nicklaus actually wore during his lengthy Golf career is currently up for auction! The money spent at his auction, which takes place in New York this coming December, will be donated to Jack Nicklaus Children’s Health Hospitals.

Alternatively, if he’s a car man, dive into the world of Breitling. The watch brand have been tied together with Bentley for decades due to their similar logos. Now the companies work extremely closely. Running joint websites and promotions together, the two luxury brands have in multiple ways become one powerhouse. Breitling for Bentley is the official name of the collection of watches made with a Bentley touch. Click here to view a personal favourite.

There’s many other sports that watches involve themselves in. Whether launching crossover collections such as the before mentioned Breitling for Bentley, Rolex plastering itself all over the F1 (and multiple other top level sporting competitions), Tag Heuer becoming an official English Premier League sponsor and IWC becoming an official partner of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. All these brands have enthralling histories, endless vintage collections that export you out of today and the glitz and glamour of it all and back to their humble beginnings.

My personal vintage favourite has always been the Rolex Cellini range. The name, inspired by the Italian Renaissance artist, Benvenuto Cellini, is just the beginning of it’s timeless elegance. The Rolex Cellini dates all the way back to 1928, with The Cellini Rolex Prince, an iconic square faced timepiece. Currently, Rolex have re-launched the more well known Rolex Cellini model, a rounded dial design, with Diamond set bezels and dials. You still can’t beat the originals though. To view a collection, click here!

Have a look at the Rolex Cellini Danaos, with a champagne bezel and sleek black dial, the 2006 watch compliments both a formal approach to fashion and a laid back approach. At £4450, this versatile masterpiece may just be the magical gift to bring a warm smile to your dad’s face.