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Your Guide to Diamonds

Diamond is a magical word. It evokes images of glamour and wealth; it makes you think of kings, movie stars or treasures. The story of Diamond is also one of adventurers, discoverers, craftsmen, merchants and people in love.

The most beautiful thing about a polished diamond is the way it sparkles, which is caused by the way it breaks rays of light and reflects them. If you look really carefully you can see all the colours of the rainbow in that reflection. So a polished diamond is even more beautiful than beautiful. It is the emperor of all precious stones! And that is why jewellers all over the world like to use diamonds in jewellery such as rings, crowns, bracelets, earrings, and so on.

Star Jewellers proudly supports 'The Kimberley Process' initiative of The United Nations and The World Diamond Council.



Reputable and Ethical

Our stocks include a wide selection of certified diamonds benefiting from an international grading system which established the nature and quality of each gem. Star Jewellers supports the ‘Kimberley Process’ initiative of The United Nations and The World Diamond Council. This prevents conflict diamonds from entering the legitimate supply chains of the trade, we only stock these diamonds.

Diamond Grading Information


The name given to the unit of weight measuring precious stones.


Determines how well the diamond has been finished and therefore its brilliance. Along with the cut we must assess polish and symmetry. The grade of polish refers to the smoothness of the facets. If the polish is poor the diamond can lack lustre. 

The grade of symmetry refers to the alignment of the facets. If the symmetry is poor, light can be misdirected, possibly affecting the fire of reflections. The grades are judged from excellent to very poor.


Graded by letter, the best being 'D'. The scale is as follows:

Nb Florescence describes how a diamond reacts to ultra violet light. The amount present can influence the colour. Daylight contains an amount of UV light. Descriptions of florescence range from none to very strong.


Describes how clear the diamond is from any mineral imperfections (inclusions), the most precious are flawless. Diamonds are graded by assessing the number, location, size and type of inclusions present. The scale is as follows: